Vote for the Best Restaurants in Korea of 2014-2015!

This is a survey sent out to the members of the foodie communities in Korea. From November 2014-December 15 we asked people to nominate what they thought were the best restaurants in each category. For those that are voting, please pick places you have been to. You can only vote once per email address. The voting will end January 15, 2015 and then results will be published. The results will be published on various websites including Seoul and on the Seoul Eats Facebook Group and others. Questions about the survey can be directed to Daniel Gray at Feel free to share the survey with others. I can send you the embed code for the form if you would like to add it to your own website. The restaurants are based in Seoul, unless stated on the side. Many of the nominees are from the Seoul Eats Group Website (which has over 7000 members). A special thanks to the admins on the groups and members that suggested restaurants such as Gemma Wardle, Chris Kwon Lewis, Ben and Rae, Bobby Kim, Hayne Kim, and others. This Best of Korea list is the opinion of the voters. If your favorite restaurant is not on the list, you can can nominate it for the next time.

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