Crazy Spicy Cheese Ribs at Hong Brick

Crazy Spicy Pork Ribs with Cheese from Hong Brick
I believe that food should be fun and social. Luckily there are others that think that as well. Friday night was the first Seoul Food and Travel Meetup and we had a great time. We explored the area of Garusugil, ate some food and got to know each other. It was fun and casual. We had some people from America here on vacation Keren and her daughters from California. Keren runs the Haydon Street Inn, a bed and breakfast in Healdsburg California. We also had AK Salling who is running Scandinavian Cooking Classes in Seoul called Mad & Haggye. We had an expat teacher Natalie and a new arrival, David join us.

The Review

So our first stop was at Hong and Brick which is famous for their cheese fondue and spicy pork ribs dish. You can get it at different levels of spiciness. Unfortunately, we did spicy. We should have asked for medium. It is spicy. really spicy. Like hurt your belly and be careful when you go pee spicy. It was really good dipped in the melted cheese which had some corn and peas in it. The ribs were tasty. They were charbroiled and then covered in sauce. I liked the addition of the rice cakes as well which took away some of the heat and added a chewy texture. It was pretty spicy though and they didn't really have much in the way of side dishes other than some pickles and more corn. Surprisingly, the corn helped to cool down the spiciness. They also had peach juice but it wasn't Cool Peesse Brand (yes there is actually a brand called that). Peach juice in Korea will actually cool your mouth off. This one didn't so much. Go for the real stuff if you can get it.

Afterwards, we got the fried rice which had kimchi and seaweed in it. It was good.

Overall, not so bad for the price and it was fun. For 6 of us it came to about 73,000 won and we had a couple beers there. It's not gourmet, but it was a fun place to dine.

Hong Brick
2 stars out of 4
Click here to open the map app on your phone Seoul Gangnamgu Sinsadong 536-7
서울시 감남구신사동 536-7
Crazy Spicy Pork Ribs with Cheese from Hong Brick

Crazy Spicy Pork Ribs with Cheese from Hong Brick

Crazy Spicy Pork Ribs with Cheese from Hong Brick

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