Rant: Hey Korea, Enough with the Honey Butter

Honey Chocolate Milk 
Honey Butter Almonds and Honey Butter Roast Snack
Ok, Korea, love you. Really. I love your red, white, blue and black flags. I love smell of kimchi in the morning, I love the convenience of the transport, the cleanliness of the streets, the excitement when there is a national sports event. I love it all. But there is no thing, I don't really get. The honey butter chip. I know there was one famous brand that got popular and got everyone going crazy for it. Essentially it became a luxury brand so possessing the chips meant you had connections or something. But seriously? Do we need it all the time? I mean the flavor is not so honey nor is it really that buttery and I think putting it on every chip just makes people look foolish. Seriously milk? Almonds, chips, cookies, sandwiches? I mean soon its going to be in makeup and everything else. Too much! Let's look to another flavor. Let's be creative.

Just a little message from your friendly neighbourhood, 

Food Blogger, Dan

Kkokkal Cone's Honey Butter Corn Cones

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