Dog and Pig Craft Beer Pub

Dog & Pig Craft Beer in Seoul, Korea. This is CB, follow him at
Dog & Pig Craft Beer in Seoul, Korea

Dog & Pig Craft Beer in Seoul, Korea
Dog & Pig Craft Beer in Seoul, Korea
So I went into this place with very low expectations to be surprised. I mean really surprised. The beer is excellent. Food is alright...typical Korean pub fare such as pizza, sausages, and pasta. But the beer! Wow!

It's an actual brew pub so they have the tanks on site and they brew on premise. I always said that this would not be possible in Seoul, because of the rents, but somehow they have done it. The beer is well made and it has that very fresh, clean taste that I used to expect from a craft beer place in...well everywhere. The problem is that everyone is contract brewing and while the beer is good, there is a bit of OEM, inconsistency at times. I apologize my brethren who own pubs in Korea, but I am just speaking the truth.

The Namdaemun Wizen, their wheat beer was my favorite and at 4,500 a glass, you could easily drink them all night. The Sinsa Golden Ale (4,500) had a herbacious hoppiness which was just alright, not my favorite but very interesting. They also had a nice Dog Pale Lager (4,500) that was nice and crisp but not a true lager. I think it will need some work, but still a nice drinking beer. The Imsunshin Pale Ale was nice and hoppy as well. As for the pizzas, they are wood-fired with a soft crust and very airy interior (which is the way many Koreans like them). I would prefer a heavier crust and bigger, but it is nice to have a pillow-like pizza once in a while. I might try some of the other food at some point...but right now I am happy to go for the beer.

As for getting there...a pain in the neck. I just put their address from their business card and it doesn't really pop up on google. I did a naver search and I got a different address. I would recommend you call and get a cab there. It's a pain to find.

Dog and Pig
Seoul, Guro-gu, Sindorim Gyeongin-ro 61gil 7
서울시 구로구 경인로61길 7
phone: 070-7699-9707

Here is a Korean blog with some more pics and a map

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