Eat an ironically holistic burger at Patty and Vegetables (where are the veggies)

Just ate a ironically, holistic burger from "patty and vegetable." The burger was tiny and over priced at 9,800 won (150g). Now I could have been "Ameri-conned" by getting 50 more grams of meat for 2,000 won and then getting fries for another 3,000 and then an egg (500 won), tomato (500 won) onion (500 won) and lettuce (500 won). So for 9,800 you get a patty with a paltry amount of cheese (extra is 500 won) and bread. Oh and 3 jalapeños! Yeah. Mind you the burger is fresh ground and fricken delicious (truly great) but...the server went around selling their concept ("it's American style" and gourmet") burger to several groups as she sold lots more alcohol. Not a good date place as a couple next to me ate in 5 minutes and left (boyfriend had head down for he knew he needs to now feed his date again). I know rents are expensive in gangnam but this place is just nickle and diming anyone at comes in and sells it as a gourmet "American bar and burger joint." Damn. The chef learned too well. #givingamericansabadname #seouleats #seoulburger #koreareallife #pattyand vegetables address: 67-6 Nonhyeon 2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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