Dinner at Piece Nord: Nouvelle Chinois & Wine

I had dinner at Piece Nord which is a Nouvelle Chinese place that just opened on the 1st floor of the Best Western in City Hall. Oh and for my western readers, the Best Western is a decent hotel in Seoul and a fairly respected business hotel. 

The setting is quite modern and elegant. Nothing special but nothing offensive. Service was polite but quiet for dinner service. I am not a person that will pay a lot for fusion Chinese food but my foodie friend insisted. 

The appetizer was an elegant bento with flavorful jellyfish, pungent tofu, a fresh slice of yellowtail and a piece of steamed chicken. All a minute yet flavorful bite. 

First course was a lime stir-fried scallop and squid dish and it demonstrated that their chef had skill. Wow. The scallop were juicy and cooked just right so the flavor resonated at each bite. Squid was soft -not rubbery and the lime spark was much appreciated. What I loved most were the red turnip that were cooked so they had a subtle bite yet without the sharp radish burn. 

Then we had Szechuan eel which had a mysterious peppercorn heat balanced by green onion. Very nice. Then wokked pork cheeks came with pork enfused oyster mushrooms and a slightly garlicky side of cucumbers (which were my favorite part of this course). Then we had some cold egg noodles in a spicy yet fruity sauce mixed with needle-thin slivers of cucumber. Oh, the shrimp in the noodle dish were sweet and soft - again testament to the chef's skill. 

The meal finished with a salt/caramel ice cream which was... Sorry, but a miss. It was more icy than creamy. I am sure on the next round the chef will get it right. 

This was a great meal, an unexpected meal. I am happy to find this place and I will be back again. 

Piece Nord: Nouvelle Chinois & Wine 
#100-101 1f 16, Sejong-daero 22-gil Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 
서울시 중구 세종대로 22길 16 (뉴서울호텔)

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