Yevo 43 Essential Nutrients Food Company Launching in Korea

Hi Friends, new opportunity in Korea. Here's some information. I've been eating this stuff for weeks and I love it. It has reduced my cholesterol and I have lost 1 kg. We are especially looking for people that are US Military or wives of military wives.

Here's some more info.

Yevo 43 Essential Nutrients is launching in Korea. It's an essential nutrients company that creates super food that has all the body needs while staying satiated.If you eat 2 of these day you'll get 100% of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and fiber to survive. Eat three and you'll get more and stay under 1300 calories a day. Over the next few months,the company will launch a million dollar campaign to launch this product in Korea which they feel is one of the most lucrative and important market in the world.We are looking for partners in Korea. Potentially you could make an extra 500 to 2000 usd a month. Yevo is a Multilevel Marketing Company, but they produce food- something we all need to live. Also, in the case of these businesses, the first ones in are the most successful. 

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