Yevo: Superfood for those that want Simple Health and Simple Wealth

Daniel Gray, iFamily, Peter Castleman and Chip Marsland of Yevo43
There is a new food startup that I am working with as a marketing client.  The food is called Yevo and they make superfood that is loaded with 43 essential nutrients. Basically, you can eat it and its got all the nutrients you need. You could live off of 3 of these a day and get 1200 calories yet have all the essential nutrients you need.

The founder of Yevo is Peter Castleman who bought North Face when it was bankrupt and turned it into a 3 billion a year company. He also started Pharmanex and turned it into a 50 million a year company and then sold it to Nuskin. He took Herbalife from a $700 million a year company to a 3 billion a year company and then sold it and netted $850 million dollars. They had invited me out to an event in San Diego and I was really lucky to meet the man and have a discussion with him. It's not often you get to meet a billionaire.

In San Diego, the food we tried was really food. It was fast like in the form or shakes, oatmeals, or rice. It was also a sauce like cheese, curry, or tomato sauce that could go on top of other foods like rice or noodles,

Yevo Foods loaded with 43 Essential Nutrients

Delicious Fruit Parfaits topped with Yevo 43 Oatmeal
Yevo Oatmeal vs Regular Oatmeal
You need to eat all this in order to get all your essential nutrients. When you could just have one bowl of Yevo

I bought a bunch of this and I would eat it at home. I bought some some cinnamon apple oatmeal and a hot rice. We also had a vitamin coffee that is loaded with vitamins C, B6,B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin and more. I would eat this in the morning and I would be full and energetic until late afternoon. That was until I ran out of it. While I ate it, it did make me feel better. I wasn't hungry so I could be more focused. Also...I was more regular when I went to the bathroom and I generally felt better.

I am a person that is really against all sorts of multilevel marketing companies because I just don't need makeup or generic laundry detergent. However, I this company is different because they are providing something we all need: food. We all have to eat but some of what we eat is slowly killing us.

Yevo has not launched in Korea yet, but it will soon. Over the next few months, I will show you the importance of essential nutrients through our marketing campaign. Our goal is to show how this company can bring you simple wealth and health. For those that would like to find out more, check out this website: US expats and military can get a jump on the before this launches in Korea if you are looking to be part of this exciting startup.

New, ethical food startup that is ethical, nutritious and real. Simple Health, Simple Wealth.  

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