Free Event September 9-11 Jamboree Incheon!

Join three days and two nights of voluntarily created joint destiny <Jamboree Incheon>. In the past, the entire community gathered together if any neighborhood had things to celebrate or be consoled. Under the name of <Jamboree Incheon>, we would like to reboot such tradition. As a member of the destiny, you will enjoy its Korean style psychedelic art installation, hang out with neighbors drinking and dancing, and experience Korean cultural content framed in a modern way. Let’s rediscover cultural gems of Korea.
• Date: 2015.09.11.-13.
• Venue: 74-78, Seonnyobawiro, Eulwangdong, Junggu, Incheon.
• Admission: free. * We offer only 500 places. First come, first served.
• Inquiry:
• Program
•••••• Jamboree Incheon Toad
Date: 2015.09.09.-11.
You can join decorating the event zone from September the 9th to 11th. After work, we will have a barbecue party all together along the seashore.
If you are interested in this, apply at:
•••••• Workshops
Jamboree Incheon is working on several workshops where you can experience Korean cultural content framed in a modern way. Details will be announced soon.
•••••• Flea market
•••••• Organic Korean Food zone
•••••• Music stage: Kim Yoon Kee and Jung Sang Kwon / Blue Turtle / Tehiun / Seoul, Seoul, Seoul / Wedance
•••••• DJ party: DJ Group Happyhippy / VJ Yonomi
• RSVP at:

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