Yevo Foods in Korea has launched. Find out more about thisrevolutionary food product here: #superfood #superhealthy #seoul #yevo

Yevo Foods in Korea has launched. 

Its first seminar drew about 300 people. This product is not a diet food, it's not vitamins, a face cream, it is essential nutrients. I have been eating this for about a week and I have to say that I feel much better. I wake up earlier, I work more, it makes me more productive. I guess doing more has made me do more and I have lost about 500 grams in a week. The thing is that it is real food and with my busy schedule it makes more sense to eat this instead of junk food. I have to save my calories for the food stuff.  #superfood #superhealthy #blog #seoul #yevo 

Find out more about this revolutionary food product here: 

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