Dan Can Cook: Bacon, Kimchi and Siracha Bibimbap!

Bacon Siracha Bibimbap!
Having a kid makes you have to cook at home. Babies don't want to travel to some restaurant and then sit as adults gab and eat chow. Yeah, they are not into it. So...I cook at home and now I cook more healthy stuff. I am all about the brown rice these days and I've been doing healthier meals that are fast and convenient for myself and the misses.

Last week I was lucky since my buddy Chad made some bacon. He cured and smoked his own bacon therefore he is AOK in my book. My Korean wife finds that it is a bit too salty so more bacon for me.

So with the bacon I decided to make a fast bibimbap with some kimchi, egg and bacon.

Bacon Eggs and Kimchi
It was pretty simple to make and I did it with minimal oil. I cooked the bacon first and then used the bacon fat to cook the onions and egg. I added kimchi to the pan to heat it up. 

Bacon, Kimchi and Siracha Bibimbap
The important thing for this dish is to use scissors to cut up all the kimchi and the bacon. Then load on the siracha! Mix and Eat! 
Cooking with Scissors

Siracha Bibimbap!

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