Dinner and a Movie: Batman vs Superman

Last night after a grueling week I decided to treat myself to a movie. First I went and got some egg wrapped rice rolls and then I went to see Batman Vs Superman.  The rice rolls were great. The movie was a perplexing hodgepodge. It's one of these movies I will see once and never see again just so I can say I experienced it. Was it a waste of $10 dollars? No... Not at all but I think the studios will have dropped almost a quarter of a billion dollars on this very dark and nihilistic vision of a super hero universe. All I have to say is about this is, "Why so Serious?" 

Director Zack Snyder's direction works for 300 and Watchman but not for Superman. Possibly it would have worked for Batman but he just doesn't have the directorial fortitude of Christopher Nolan. Nolan has clout and conviction even if logically the movie has fallacies (i.e. Interstellar and Memento). Snyder tries to build up the characters as mythical figures but when the moment of sacrifice comes there is no real emotion and the climax seems null. 

Sigh, I wanted to love this movie and there were parts that I did. Wonder Woman is a badass and I loved every second she was on the screen. Lex Luthor was engrossing except when he simply repeats stuff over and over again like a loony parrot. Afflleck was a great Batman and he had some really cool toys.  Overall though I didn't love it as much as the Marvel movies. This movie's stark direction didn't make me feel inspired or excited. I left the theatre feeling suspicious towards my fellow man. There were no high fives nor introspect smiles that conveyed that we had experienced something special. We all just left the dark theatre together and into the night. 


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