Dinner and a Movie: Captain America: Civil War

"Captain America: Civil War" opened in Korea 1 week before the USA. So...I the first chance, I got, I went to see it. I was able to catch the 11pm showing and since I got there so late, my dinner options were quite few. I am doing a low carb, no sugar diet. For about a month I have not had any bread, rice, or sugar except on a few cheat days which, from what my nutritionist friend tells me, recalibrates my hormones. What I do know is that I have lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks and I feel great. 

Korea doesn't really support my diet and so much of what is out there is loaded with sugar and carbs. There are lots of foods with hidden sugar and carbs such as cheese snacks and even meat sticks. The sauces are all loaded with stuff as well. So...being creative, I ordered a packed lunch from GS25 that had bean sprouts and side dishes. I over nuked this in the microwave so it wasn't very tasty and some of the stuff I couldn't eat. So...I continued searching for things. I was really in the mood for ice cream but on my diet that is definitely a "no no." I was able to find a small cup of cream cheese at Paris Baguette for about 2,000 dollars (2 dollars). This was quite good just with a spoon and it was almost like ice cream. 

Anyway, I made it back for the movie and the theatre was packed. From the start to finish the movie was exciting, dramatic, funny and compelling. It felt fresh, for the most part. The rehashing of past Avenger missions was a bit over done, I mean most of us have seen them all. The new characters held their own and the new Spider-Man was how I imagine Spider-man from the comic to be. He was like Deadpool rated for the PG audiences. The Black Panther was cool as well. His action sequences were really amazing though they never explained how he was able to run so fast, hit so hard or be so smart. He wasn't really developed at all so I guess this will all be explained in his feature movie.

Antman was really fun in this movie and I really enjoyed him. Ironman comes off as a bit of a tool. His driving motivation is a bit contrived. I mean all the characters in the movie have mommy and daddy issues. Can't they just be professional and just be professional badasses? 

Captain America's character was developed well and he was the most likable character in the movie and hid overriding principles almost hold true throughout the entire course. However, if he embodies what America is, then Cap's America is a bit anti-establishment mixed with anarchy.

A certain eye-patched Shield guy is not in this movie at all. Not that he was needed. Also...I don't know if the Black Widow was really necessary either. I really don't think she'll deserve her own movie in the future. I don't think she has enough depth and she is constantly changing sides. I don't think she has a conscious. She is a "Deux ex Machina" character that just drives the conflict forward. 

Compared to Superman Vs Batman, I like this movie a lot more. It's multi-dimensional without being contrived. It digs into current conflicts and trends and makes a statement about the involvement of government in our lives. I also like that the movie was filmed with more light and less CGI darkness that the DC Universe seems to prefer. This just makes the movie easily watchable. 

Overall, a great movie that I will be happy to see again with my friends. There is enough depth to make it worth peeling away the layers to make your own decision on whose side you are on.


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