Fat Korean Food Trends

Koreans are getting fatter these days and part of that reason is the influence of western foods - especially dairy. Cream, butter and cheese are trending food products and it is coming around in various forms such as snacks, meals, drinks and toppings. These days you'll find that many barbecue and hot pan grilling shops (like dakgalbi or pork rib joints) will offer cheese as a topping. Koreans tend to wish to indulge a bit more.

Nowadays no-carb eating is becoming more popular so more people are eating proteins and cheese is thought of as a non-carb food. Unfortunately, many of the cheeses are processed (including the mozzarella) so dining no-carb in Korea can be a tad difficult.

Another attributing factor is the rise of the "singles" lifestyle. Many more people are choosing to stay single so they tend to indulge more and these new types of food are considered comforting. There have been a rise in western-style cocktail bars where bartenders will talk with you.

Even older generations are getting into indulgences as they don't have as many grandkids to take care of and they have more expendable income.

What this means is that Korean food culture is taking another shift and this shift maybe poor for public health.


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