Food Trend Watch: The New Flavor of Korea seems to be...


Again. Koreans love strawberries and so it would make sense that it would revert back to a "safe" flavor. Last season it was green tea (which is a perpetual hit). Before that it was banana. Then it was honey and honey butter everything.

Recently tiramisu was a popular hit and they made the popular "tiramisu kiss" dessert which was a bridge dessert with soft serve ice cream and espresso. These days coconut mills, shakes and coffees are becoming popular.

What will come next?

Well because of the large influx of cheap mangos, I think something mango flavored will get big. It has the essential elements that Koreans look for: exotic, healthy and valuable.

Sadly, avocados and mangosteens could not make it in Korea but I think it was because of a lack of education rather than the flavor.

It's always a changing market here and it is always exciting to see what takes off.


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