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Artisan Sourdough Bread at Bob's Bread Korea

I have been enjoying my lovely sour dough loaf from Bob's bread for the last few days. It has a perfect crust, chewy interior and slight sourness. It is made from all natural yeast cultures they have kept alive since 2008. I also ordered some ciabatta bread for my family, they liked it more than the sourdough bread- which was fine for me me. The bread is large as well and can be used to make manly sandwiches or great open-faces ones like I did. If you are headed over to the Costco by Yeongdeungpo, this is a great spot to spot by. They are open from 12-7 Tuesday-Saturday. Oh, and once they sell out of bread for the day, they close. Often they sell out by 5-6. You can order on their website as well   Address: 77-71 Yangpyeongdong 3(sam)-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul   #seouleats #artisanbread #bobsbreadkorea 

Elephant Bagel in Seoul 코끼리 베이글

Bagels so good I just had to come back. Got the spinach bagel which had a delicious, crackling parmesan crunch. These bagels are not NY bagels -they are localized for the Korean palate. The crust is chewy and so is the interior. They are delicious. I like the slight smokiness from the wood burning oven. They are slightly expensive compared to USA prices at 2,000-2,500 won but that is on par for Korea- especially since they are each handmade. Their brick oven is awesome! I think I might want to make one over a weekend or two!  #bagels #koreanfood #seouleats #breakfast Elephant Bagel 코끼리 베이글 69-22 Yangpyeong 1(il)-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Sent via my dancing thumbs named thumbalyn and thumbadum. Plese excuse any typos. For immediate assistance contact me at WhatsApp: +821067067769, Kakao: seouleats

Excellent Mexican Tortas and more at El Piño 323

Had an amazing Chicken Bacon Avocado Torta at El Pino 323. Plush, warm bread topped with oozing, flavorful chicken, crisp bacon and creamy avocado. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the whole sandwich was one that you have to grip and hold onto and eat until it is gone. It is not a sharing sandwich unless you cut it in half first. Wow. Possibly the best sandwich I have had in Korea. The bread made the dish and was pleased to hear it was made in house. I had a chance to talk with Chef D. He is intense but passionate about his food and craft. Very interesting but I was polite and understood I was a guest in his house.  We ordered Guacamole but he didn't have it. I let it go and didn't bring it up. He probably used all those delicious avocados on our sandwiches and tacos.  His tacos and enchiladas were also amazing. The rice and beans were definitely Mexican-style since he didn't use the heavier Korean rice. I thought the tortillas were legit.  Directions are