Happy New Years! 2019, Here we go!

Hey World!

It's been a wild couple of years. I haven't stopped eating or writing; it's just that I have this job, businesses, kids and family. Lol. I am not complaining. I love my wife and kids. I have been transitioning from a world-traveling, entrepreneur to a line cook/chauffeur/worker bee. It's all good. In 2019 I (hopefully...if my publisher gets it today) be putting out a book, the video productions and tv segments that I worked on in the last year should be aired and my littlest one will be starting daycare. 

When I do go out with the kids, it's usually more work than play, since I have to keep the girls happy while not disturbing others. You don't want to risk the ire and judgement of others while parenting. 

My cooking habits have changed since my daughters see food differently. They like colors and fun packaging. Black pepper is even too spicy at times so I tend to make a lot of Kimbap, dumplings, bread and grilled fish. 

At night, after working I tend to feed the kids, play with them and later read books until they get tired. Afterwards, I just like to veg, study or sleep. 

I believe this is a transition year and as I have gotten used to this pattern, I feel like I am getting good at it. 

Who knows maybe I can be a world-traveling  Super Dad. 

Happy New Years Everyone and I wish you and yours all the best. 


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