Finally! The iPad Pro can be used to get work done! Go PadOS!

Folks, this is exciting

Having a file system and being able to use desktop versions of  a website, changes everything. This is no longer a nice video player or a bridge device. It’s a workable computer that it seems I can work with. Oh, the mini thumb keyboard is also amazing. 

I tried using the iPad instead of a desktop about 3 years ago. It didn’t work. I had the top of the line 12.9 iPad Pro with pencil and I couldn’t get any work done on it. I still needed my computer. I got fed up with it so I sold it’s an artist. I then went back to using the desktop top. Now it so sudden I can work without being changed to a desk! HURRAH! 

The new iPad makes the iPad seem new and exciting again. Ir also will be able to work along side my back in laprop in extension mode or something. 

iOS on set the iPad but maybe in few updates you should do it!
UPDATE: Wait for the next public Beta at least. Really Buggy right now and lags.

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