The Best Hanwoo Beef in Korea is not in Seoul

Best Beef in Korea Hanwoo
I am all about going to the source. The best beef is not found at the supermarkets or even at the high-end restaurants in Seoul. If the restaurant does not have its own herds or farms then they can't control the quality of beef or have discretion on what is good beef then it won't consistently be the best. The problem is that Korea doesn't have enough local beef and the grading system is not exact across the board. I am not going to name names or go too deep into the politics of this because it is something that is being addressed and I think eventually it will be standardized. 1++ (the highest grade) beef is different from region to region. Local beef cooperatives are the ones that set the standards. In Korea, I would say the best beef comes from the Southwest in Jeollanamdo and in the center in Chuncheonbukto regions. Both of these regions have enough land for cattle raising and their beef cooperatives have set high standards. The standards are kept via the farmers through standardization and confucianism.

Super marbled, top grade beef place where you can pick it all out at the stores in the complex and then take it to a table to grill it all up. You get plenty of sides, sauces and leaves for wrapping and it is a really local experience. It is the highest grade beef Korea has to offer and it ranks up there with the best in the world. Get a couple of packets of their Imsil Halloumi-like cheese and grill it up. Amazing and our top-level corporate clients thought this was an amazing dinner and later went again on their own.

Majangdong Beef Market is great but I prefer Pyeongchang. The freshness and quality is top notch. The beef is expensive here (about 18,000 for 100grams) but it is worth it.

Google Maps
Daegwalnyeong Hanwoo Town
38 Olympic-ro, Daegwalnyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

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Daegwallyeong Korean Beef Town
38 Olympic-ro Daegwallyeong-myeon Pyeongchang-gun Gangwon-do

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