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Dear Readers,

I offer customized food tours by request. My experiences are progressive meals that are focused on traditional markets, artisan products and local chefs. As I get to know my guests, I will change up the itinerary on the fly to fit certain requests, dietary restrictions and other factors. I offer lunch or dinner tours and exploratory tours for hospitality and food professionals that are looking for a deep dive into Korean cuisine. Feel free to contact me at Seoul eats at gmail dot com. For those looking for a fixer, shooter, talent consultant or crew check out my IMDB page.

Cheers and Happy Dining!

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Daniel Gray is a writer that has years of experience in the tour and video production industry. He has worked as a fixer, talent consultant, location expert, crew and talent for video and radio productions around the world. He recently worked on Netflix's Street Food Asia, Episode 6: Korea. He is well known Korean food expert that has worked with or consulted for the OECD, European Union, New York Times, Seoul Tourism, Korea Tourism and The Korean Food Foundation. He has been interviewed, sited or quoted in the New York Times, New York Post, Politiken, Sydney Herald, and others. He has appeared on and helped with the productions of The Kimchi Chronicles, Anthony Bourdain’s Part’s Unknown, Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods, Vice TV’s Munchies, Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, Vocativ Productions and more. He said the most interesting person he has met on his tour was a certain blond from the movie Swingers (you might know her as Rollergirl from Boogie Nights) because he and his friends idolized her growing up. He also had a chance to meet Mr. Bourdain on a production because he always dreamed of having a drink with the man while reading his books. When he isn’t eating, he writes, makes sure his wife is happy, and works out as much as he can (so he can eat more.)

Tours are usually led by Daniel Gray is a a Korean adoptee that grew up in Delaware, USA.  He has been featured in the New York Times, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and National Geographic's Food Lover's Guide. Here is a video of Daniel Gray giving a tour from the blog La Vie Boh...mmm!!!

Here's Daniel Gray with Andrew Zimmern and his blogger friends

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Lynda and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express our thanks for an interesting, tasty and very enjoyable afternoon.

You've made our first visit to Seoul a true cultural experience and have encouraged us to explore more before we have to leave on Sunday.

You have a unique business model with great appeal to visitors to Korea.  We wish you every success!

Kind regards,
Lynda and Alan Rosen

From July 16, 2010

Hi Daniel,
Thanks to you and Shawn again for organising the cooking class for my sister and I. We enjoyed it very much!! It was something different from the usual bus tours, etc that you do when it's your first time in a country. It was also great just to meet new people :) 
Thanks for the taxi too. We didn't manage to find that H2O shop in Apgujeong afterall. I don't think they stock the product here. But we enjoyed roaming the streets of Rodeo St and Garosugil St afterwards for some retail therapy :D
Well good luck with your move to your new place!
I will recommend my friends to O'ngo when they visit Seoul.
July 15, 2010

Chris Backe: Chris in South Korea "Dan's knowledge of Korean food is second to none. When he wasn't explaining what a food was or offering a sauce recipe from memory, he was explaining some element of Korean culture or history to the group. While this tour has been designed for foreign visitors to Korea, expat teachers are more than welcome to join the group."

Seoul Selection Magazine "What makes Dan's Food Tours truly amazing is that Korean food is presented in a cultural context and a real world setting. No sterilized, whitewashed tourist fantasies; only the sheer beauty of Korean food—the truth."