Video Production Services

I have worked on over 50 productions either as talent, translator, fixer, researcher, AC, crew manager, and grip. Often I wear multiple hats and do a bit of everything. For the Netflix's Street Food show I was the researcher, talent consultant, location consultant, fixer and on-air expert. I didn't expect to wear so many hats while also helping on location setting up lights and more. It just happened that way because they just needed me to fill those roles. I am proud to have worked on that production.

Throughout my years in Korea I have worked with a large number of teams and crews. I have worked in front of camera and back of camera. Also, through my work and networking experience, I have made many professional contacts in Korea in many different industries. One way or another I have been able to get access, locations and talent. I am a realist in production and know the boundaries of what is possible within available budgets.

Production work is not always steady so I run a large in-bound tour company and I own 2 bars. Through this work I have been able to get preferential rates and locations.

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If you have a video production project, feel free to contact me at dnlgray at gmail dot com.

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