Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Full Metal Chopsticks: Super Spicy Ramen Fried Chicken

Have you had Super Spicy Ramen Fried Chicken? Here I will show you how to make it.

At Brew 3.15 Korean Fried Chicken and Craft Beer Pub in Insadong, they are frying up some fried chicken with ramen. And it is not just any ramen, it is Bul Dak Bokkeum Myeon or Fire Chicken Noodles. Daniel Gray from Seoul Eats shows you how to make the dish and then tastes it. Is it even too spicy for our fearless host? Watch to find out.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Photoblog:Winter in Seoul

It's cold in Korea, so here is a photo essay of how you can stay warm.

Eat Odeng at Gwangjang Market. This ajumma has been here for 30 years. You'll see her in the main food area.

Eat bbongobang or red bean stuffed gold fish bread.

Wear Silly Hats
Go on a date
Koreans like to eat ice cream in the winter because they say it warms them up.
Dress warm
Drink pine needle tea or steamed pine needle rice cake
Eat Juk! Pumpkin Juk or red bean or black sesame
Eat Korean BBQ
Here are some pictures of winter in Korea. When I think of winter I think of Bungeobbang, O-deng, Panda caps, love, pumpkin juk, and people eating ice cream out in the cold. You just gotta love Korea.Dan

종로3가 뒷골목에 치킨 + 수제맥주 펍, BREW 3.15!!!

종로3가 뒷골목에 숨어있는 퓨전 한옥스타일의 치킨 + 수제맥주 펍, BREW 3.15!!! 맛있는 안주와 다양한 크래프트 비어 즐기러 저희가게 한번 드리세요!

Brew 3.15 치맥 Korean Fried Chicken and Craft Beer

종로구 삼일대로 32가길 40 (익선동)
Phone: 070-4178-3049

Motto: Eat, Drink, and Get Clucking Crazy 

수제맥주, 프라이드 치킨, 맥파이, 크래프트웍스, 치맥, 종로3가,  종로3가 숨은맛집, 호프, 종로3가술집, 종로 술집

Friday, January 23, 2015

Looking for Fried Chicken and Pizza Delivery in the Insadong Area: Brew 3.1415?

Hi Seoul Visitors,

If you happen to be staying in the Insadong Area such as at the Ibis Ambassador Insadong, Fraser Suites, Mama Guest House, Bizwell Officetel, or other hotels or guest houses near Jongno 3-ga or Anguk Subway Stations and you're looking for fried chicken and pizza delivery, call Brew 3.15. They have excellent fried chicken, handmade pizzas, and craft beers on their menu. They are located about 2 minutes from the Ibis Ambassador Insadong Hotel (See Map Below).

Brew 3.15 Korean Fried Chicken and Craft Beers

All we do is serve awesome Korean Fried Chicken with locally brewed craft beers because we know it is good. We have six different beers on tap ranging from Pale Ales, Belgium Wheats to Stouts and the beers change regularly. Our American owner is the a food writer and specialist of that decided life was too short to drink bad beer. Eat, Drink and Get Clucking Crazy!

Jongno-gu Samildaero 32 gagil 40 (Ikseondong)
종로구 삼일대로 32가길 40 (익선동)
Phone: 070-4178-3049
Motto: Eat, Drink, and Get Clucking Crazy 

Minimum Order 15,000. Delivery area currently limited to Ikseondong area, Nakwon Apartments, Fraser Suites Hotel, and Trebien Apartments. Delivery Hours 5pm-11:00pm.

Brew 3.15 Fried Chicken 15,000
-Our extra crispy fried chicken served with homemade dipping sauces and cole slaw

Tom’s Spicy Chicken Balls 12,000
-boneless chicken thighs fried and tossed in our spicy and sweet KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) Sauce with rice cakes and tater tots

Supreme Pizza Lg: 13,500 Sm 8,500
-Our thin crust pizza topped with seasoned meat, onions and cheese

Pepperoni Pizza Lg: 13,500 Sm: 8,500
-Our thin crust pizza topped with pepperoni

Cheese Pizza Lg 11,000 won 7,000 won

Homemade Chicken Tenders with cole slaw 8,500

Totchos! (Loaded Tater Tots) 10,000
-Lots of tater tots loaded with meat, cheese, sour cream and veggies

Dump Truck Platter 27,000
-A massive platter of fried chicken, fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, totchos and sausage.

Side Menu
Seasoned Fries 5,000
Onion Rings 6,500
Mozzarella Sticks 5,000

Coca-Cola 355ml 2500
Sprite 355ml 2500
Cass 1500cc 9000 won

Map to Brew 3.15 Korean Fried Chicken and Beer

Brew 3.15
종로3가 뒷골목에 숨어있는 퓨전 한옥스타일의 치킨 + 수제맥주 펍, BREW 3.15!!! 맛있는 안주와 다양한 크래프트 비어 즐기러 저희가게 한번 드리세요! 귀여운 외국인 직원들이 아름다운 당신을 기다리고 있습니다!

브루 3.15 프라이드 치킨 15,000
-홈메이드 딥핑소스, 샐러드가 곁들여진 바삭한 프라이드 치킨

탐스 스파이시 치킨 볼즈 12,000
매콤달콤한 양념치킨 맛 소스에 떡과 감자볼을 함께 버무린 뼈없는 치킨 튀김

홈메이드 치킨 텐더와 샐러드 8,500

속이 꽉찬 프라이드 감자볼 10,000
고기, 치즈, 사우어 크림, 양파, 할라피뇨를 듬뿍 얹은 감자볼

덤프 트럭 플래터 27,000
브루 3.15 프라이드 치킨, 프렌치 프라이, 모짜렐라 스틱, 어니언링, 감자볼, 소세지를 한번에

사이드 메뉴
프렌치 프라이 5,000
어니언링 6,500
모짜렐라 치즈스틱 5,000

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

News: Cass Stealing Water for 37 Years

OB Brewery can't seem to get a break. In 2014 there was a rumor that the beer tastes like bleach. ( which was unfounded and was believed to have been started by a rival. 

Now they are in trouble again for stealing water from the North Han river for 37 years. They reportedly owe 270억 or 270,000 usd in back fees. OB claimed that they were not liable for the fees since they built a dam for their own usage. However, it was later revealed they did not pay for the dam as claimed. 

The controversy has upset individual taxpayers since their tax fees have been raised this year while big companies can get away with avoiding taxes for so long.