Recommended Restaurants in Seoul: BBQ, Kimchi, dessert and more

Hi Seoul Eats Readers,

I wanted to give you some recommendations of places to eat in Korea. I would love to write an extensive review on all of them but time as a married man, a restauranteur, and a food tour operator is limited. Also, I am finding addresses don’t always work in all mapping applications on the phone. I am going to give geotags via Longitude and Latitude Lines when I can. Just copy and paste them into google maps and apple maps and then it will take you to the places I recommend.



BBQ: Chaeeyagi
Korean BBQ in a Hanok with great side dishes. The rice is steamed in Bamboo and the homemade ssamjang is special here. Get the green tea nolbiani beef.

37°34’27.2″N 126°59’09.1″E

Tteokbokki: Tteok Salon 떡사롱
This place is hidden in the alley of Piematgol street. They serve spicy and soupy Tteokbokki with great fried snacks and beer. The secret is their kamasot (Korean pot) sauce.

37°34’19.2″N 126°59’09.5″E

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Hongdae Utsav: Stylish Indian with a Pool!

It is date night with my wife and we are at Utsav a cool Indian place that Yoonie found. It’s sorta hidden in Hongdae. The place has a pool in the center of the restaurant with running fountains. The place has high ceilings as well. It’s got a hippie, thrown together vibe. There are cool photos on the walls and hammered metal cups. Cool hippy vibe, but the prices are quite yuppy. Curries start at 23,000 and so do the tandoori. Wines are reasonably priced here and start at just 18,000 a bottle. I think I should have come here for 2nd round to drink wine and eat tandoori. Max is 4,000 a glass (but they should clean the beer lines…)

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Dan can cook: Cooking for my Korean Family

I have been married for about 2 months now and it had been great. I was a bit worried at first because I can be a very stubborn jerk. I guess in my old age, I have mellowed out. These days I am happy to spend my free time at home with the family and and I have rediscovered my love of cooking.

Long ago I used to cook for my family at home and this love of feeding others pushed me into the direction of the food industry. I worked in a number of restaurants trying to learn new skills and recipes. I washed dishes, I did prep, I worked the cooking line, I waited tables, I made drinks, etc. This helped me develop my sense of hospitality and made me decide that I wanted to find a way to work in this industry without having to work the line every night. Sorry, but being a chef is hard and my poor back wouldn’t be able to do it for a career.

At home, I have found a new group of diners that haven’t tried my cooking before. I don’t dare try to do Korean. (my mother-in-law is the best there). However, I will make meals for them. Continue reading


Muscat Cheesecake and Hot Chocolate from Swiss Chocolate Cafe

We went for dessert at the Swiss Chocolate Cafe at the IFC Mall. Not a bad place. We had the dark chocolate drink which was smooth and decadent. I thought it was a tad watery. I think I wanted some heavy cream added. It was definitely a nice way to relax after a long day. We also had the muscat tart. This was yummy. Layers of cheese and cream topped with green grapes. If the crust had more of a snap, I think it would have been a star item. Good stuff overall.
The place is not too expensive either. A drink and a cake for 11,500 won.

Swiss Chocolate Cafe
IFC Mall at City Hall
97-6 Mugyo-dong
Jung-gu, Seoul



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