Tuesday, December 01, 2015

North Korean blood sausage (찹쌀순대) from dongmu bapsang down from hapjeong station exit 7. Excellent North Korean food by chef Yoon. #northkorean #koreanfood

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Sometimes you just need to do a Tim Tam Slam to get your Energy Up

You know what I'm talking about right? If not, then watch this!

Full Metal Chopsticks: the Turtle Edition, with Chef Marco Züger

Hi Full Metal Chopsticks Fans. 

Here I am with Chef Marco Züger as we go on a food adventure in Korea. He eats live octopus, top grade beef, black chicken, and...turtle soup. How can this Swiss Chef Fare? Watch to find out.

Food Writing Can be Dangerous to Your Health

Dear World,

Woe is me. I live a life of decadence, a quite sedentary life where I shoot food, eat and talk about it at great length. The world of a food writer is for the young and hungry. Now when I started, I had a metabolism and I could eat and not gain a pound. Now I must decline invitations in droves for dining out every night can be devastating for the waste line. When you think and live food all the time, you are inclined to eat. You are conditioned to eat past the point of satiety. This is not a good thing. Anyway, I have decided to give it up. 

Just kidding. But I am making some changes. I am exercising in the morning and the evening and I walk as much as I can. I have found my tools to fight the bulge to be a kettlebell and a fitbit walking tracker. The first few days with the kettlebell were tough for I realized that I haven't used some muscles for a long time (especially in the ab and stomach region). I am finding youtube to be a good trainer and as I get stronger, I feel I will increase my time exercising. I am also taking breaks at work when I get up and stand and work or walk around. 

Health is really important. Especially since now I am married and I have a daughter. I know people say guys can let themselves go once they get married, but that's not true. Although I have life insurance and all that, it won't be enough to support them and I would not want to have my wife and daughter to grow up without me.

The other main thing I have been doing is cutting down the drinking. I read that your liver can completely regenerate in two weeks if you let it rest. I did that and now I rarely drink at home and I try not to overdo it. This has been the best thing to lose weight because when I drink, I want to eat.

So...we all need balance in our lives. Too much of a good thing becomes normal after all.

Cheers and have a great day!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Fine Dining in Seoul Article in the Destination of the World Magazine

Seoul Food Scene in the Destination of the World Magazine

Here's an article I wrote for the Destination of the World Magazine. I would like to thank Michelle for this opportunity.

From kimchi to barbecue and bibimbap, Korean food is having a moment. We went to Seoul, the hottest new foodie destination, to discover the must-eat establishments
The love affair with Korean cuisine has gripped the world – and nowhere more so than Seoul. It’s suddenly in vogue to be a foodie in Korea and they do it with style, passion and excess. Overweight celebrities are now endorsing products with “proud to be fat” routines on comedy shows, much to the country’s amusement. And chefs are stars, too – ironic when you consider that many have spoken publicly about being disowned by their families for pursuing such a “menial” career. 
It seems every television channel has a food discovery show such as Tasty Road, which has transformed two B-list divas into bona-fide stars. The concept of the show is simple: They stuff their faces with delicious food, leaving long queues of hungry followers in their wake. Then there’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, a South Korean cooking variety show where chefs create creative dishes from leftovers in people’s fridges.  
In Seoul, there are two-hour queues for craft beer, 40-minute waits for churros, restaurants booked out months in advance and food delivery services for every type of available grub. It’s the same story in Jeonju, a city around two hours south of Seoul.
On weekends, culinary connoisseurs swarm the city for authentic bibimbap, kettles of chilled, cloudy rice beer served with side dishes, blood-pudding stew, shaved-ice desserts and more – devouring the food like locusts and disappearing without a trace come Sunday night. 

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