Joining the digital revolution MAC style

I feel like I'm 13 years old again with my Dell 386 computer and trying to supe it up with crazy software and learning Basic and DOS code because I wanted to be da shite on the PC. I think I had something like 8mb of RAM or something. Anyway, it wasn't powerful enough. Nothing was ever powerful enough. I was simply never satisfied.


I mean after High School I bought myself a nice Micron computer and that was great for the longest time, except I had to reformat the hard drive like every two months or so. Have you ever had to reformat your hard drive with Windows 98? It takes like 1 hour (if everything goes all right sometimes it fucks up, so you've gotta start all over again). I hated it because I could have spent that time searching for more music with my friends or watching movies- because I had a tv card on my hulking desktop unit (my desk was actually too small for it.)
Anyway the whole point is that I wasted so much of my life because I had this prejudice towards Macintosh. I saw them as the hated machine. The machine of incompatibility.

But, now my mind has been changed and my eyes have been opened.

My apple iBook is the most powerful computer I've ever had. I love it so much because I can do everything with it and I'm starting to accomplish all the things that the other PCs were supposed to do. I am now global on the web and I'm writing more regularly and it gives me a desire to write.

I usually have more interesting things to say, but my brain is kinda fried because I had too much soju last night. Oh, I had a great party last night. Kate, the beautiful and sweet Un Gyeong, stoic Joe, Terry, Amanda, Neil, Cynthia, Jay, Chris' sis, Catherine, Chris, Raimi, and Ryan all came out. It was great. I'll have to talk about it later. I'll get some interesting details in there. Bye.

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