Letters to Gloria

This is an e-mail I sent to Gloria, a really cool Korean girl that I met^^

Hello Gloria,

It's afternoon in Gyeong Ju and my day has started off
very well. I started my morning at 8am with a cup of
green tea. I have this powered green tea that comes
from Japan. It's like super premium, so when I drink
it I feel really awake, alive, and happy.

I really love Korean Green tea. I just ordered like 6
packages of Boseong Green tea. It's really good
quality tea. I had it last year because of my
friends, but I ran out and I've been waiting for more.
I even have a traditional Korean tea set which I use
everyday. I even have the 70 Degree thing down.

I taught two classes already and now I'm resting a
little bit because I ate some
잠지김밥 for lunch. Actually
I had the 정무김밥 Do you
remember California Restaurant? I went with some of
my friends. It's the Kim bap restaurant right next to
it. They have the best
잠지김밥! I am trying to teach
myself how to type in Korean, so I'm not very good at
it yet.

Yes, I know Dongguk University. I'm hoping to get a
job as a professor there next year. I know two
professors there, so I'm hoping they might help me get
a job. I really like Gyeong Ju, because it is so
clean and beautiful. I mean I used to travel to New
York City and Philadelphia all the time in America, so
this is a really nice change. Gyeong Ju is super
clean compared to other cities, so I'm pretty happy
about being here.

So...what did you major in at Dongguk? I was an
English Major and I'm probably going to go back to
school in the future to get my masters in Asian
Literature. Maybe one day, I'll even write some of my

Oh, my god, I saw the Korean movie "My boyfriend is
Type B" yesterday. I didn't really like it. I just
didn't understand why the girl had to have a
boyfriend. I mean she felt that she NEEDED to have
one, but he was a complete jerk and type but she kept
going steady with him. In America, that kind of
relationship would be over in a minute.

Anyway, tell me a little about yourself. How did you
learn to speak English so well? Did you travel or
live overseas? What's your favorite flavor of
icecream? If you were an animal, what animal would
you be? Do you have a nickname? Do you like Salvador

Ok...I have to go outside while it is warm out.

I hope you have a great day and I look forward to
hearing from you.


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