Mac User solves the mystery of posting photos!

In the words of Homer Simpson,

"I am so smart...SMRT...Doh! SMART. "

Sigh, after working on figuring out how to get pictures on my blog, I have finally succeeded in posting photos on my blog using Flickr. Yeah, so what if it took me two days to finally succeed, but perseverance baby- that's all it takes.

Are you listening boys and girls? Well, what you have to do is do all the signing up on flicker bullshit and then download the mac uploader jaun and then you have to open up a new blog for posting and then HIT THE "COMPOSE" TAB ON THE RIGHT HAND CORNER.

This is the most crucial point.

(Sometimes the most difficult problems can be solved with the simpliest solution.)

So, you hit the compose tab on the right hand corner and then go to your flickr page and just grab the photo and drop it into the bog posting thingy.

You can even change the size of the photos by hitting the tab that saids "all sizes" on the "photostream" tab. You can make the pictures bigger or smaller and just drop it in.

Yeah, so I'm a retard. You wanna fight about it? Huh?

Hey I'm going to drop another picture. Watch...

Ha Ha HA!

Well all, its 4:09 in Gyeong Ju, South Korea. I ate bibimbap for lunch and now I'm blogging until I've gotta teach the Koreans the ridiculous English language.

Today I think I'll teach them the wonderfulness of articles like "a, an,' and 'the." Oh, wait, I've been trying to drill that into their heads for the last nine months! It's all good, because I love them anyway. Koreans are stubborn kooky people, but they have good hearts.

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