Highlights from my last nights dream

I had someone call me hoss. I was playing NHL 98 on the sega genesis. My team was the pittsburgh penguins. My team is decimated from injuries. I think I only had Jagr and Kovalev left on my team. I mean the good players like Larry Murphy, Francis, Nednik, Lemeiux, everyone was injured at the beginning of the game. At opening faceoff my center gets injured. I think I have a team of no names and Jagr left to challenge a regular team. What does my dream mean? I don't know.

I had a talk with Raimi last night. Patrick and another Australian girl was there. They were teachers at Gyeong Ju and they were talking about Robert Dickey. Robert Dickey is an american that looks like a beagle with his ears chopped off. As Raimi put it, "he is a sudoriferous, fracical, brown nosing, yankee doodle shithead of a bush licking motherfucker. (Sudoriferous means sweaty.) Do I really want to work at Gyeong Ju? I don't know.

My eczema is the worst its been in months. My right thumb, my right heel and side and left heel have major fissures. It's driving me crazy. I might have to call Prociuk. Sigh.

I'm going to get ready for school.


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