Lexander and Ares

Story idea

I would like to write a story about two adolescents. The two would be known as the walkers. Their names would be Lexander and Ares. I would like to model this after the big bang theory and of the ideas of Gnosticism and the Greek gods. I would like characters to be a 12 year old girl named Lexander and her companion, champion, protector and her burden, whom she calls Ares. Ares is extraordinarily strong. He has many powers but mainly he can bring out the potential energy in any object and wield it against them. He can bend light. I don't know what his power is yet, but I would like for him to be missing certain things.

Ares always wears a mask, he is missing his left arm and right leg. He has not moved since the beginning of time, imprisoned at the end of the world by a very tall, gaunt, and very savvy and sophisticated Gnosis. Gnosis is similar to Lucifer in ideas, but his quick wittedness provokes a sense of uncertainty.

Lexander will go to him and give him his first memory and Ares will start to move and he will escape and try to destroy Gnosis. Gnosis will survive because of Lexander's compassion. They will go to walk to their first world.

The first world's demiurge is Yang.

It is a world of complete serenity and peace. Everyone is happy and easy going. Arts of the utmost importance, everyone loves one another and they treat Lexander and Ares with complete compassion.

The thing is Lexander and Ares are on a mission to go to each world and to entrap or kill the demiurges and cause their world to stop. The first world, seeming so perfect, Lexander doesn't want to kill it. Traveling through it there is one person. He fears something and he is blind, one eye has been ripped out and he sits in the bottom of a deep cave.

Ares is drawn to something he has. The man, emaciated and mananical has hidden something. Something to note. Ares can't see at this point. He has no eyes. He needs Lexander to lead him. He also has no ears. You see part of his mission is to find the separate parts of himself, to become the ultimate disciple. Maybe not disciple...warrior? I don't know yet.

Anyway, Ares will find in the cave his eye. He can now see, but not in the traditional way. The eye rests in the middle of his chest and most of the time it remains closed. When it opens it leaves his chest and levatates around him.

The eye lets Ares see the truth. Yang's world is a world that knows that an impending apocalypse is coming. For the last 1000 years generations have known that a world destroying comet was headed to Yang, which was sent by their god to give them a timeline of apocalypse. Knowing that the world was going to be destroyed, the people lived a very good life- following all the laws of their god and praying and living the way that their god intended.

Lexander and Ares would confront their god and them have him sacrificed to the comet. The people knowing that their savior killed themselves were relieved and very appreciative of their savior, but, but, in time returning to the world we will find that the world will become the most evil of all.

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