I'm going to be an uncle.

I just found out today that I'm going to be an uncle. I'm only 25 so I don't quite know what to think about this. It's scary, it's interesting, it's exciting, it's amazing that my little sister is going to bring two lives into this world.

Yes, I did say two lives. She's going to have twins and she is only 18. Give me a second to contemplate and let it all sink in.

I think my muse arrived today, now do I have the motivation to put it all down on paper and work at it? I'm a lazy fucker you know.

Geez, have you noticed how I have the ability to turn everything around to make it all about me. I am an egocentric prick.

Anyway, my cute social butterfly sister is going to be a mother and I believe that she is going to be great.

Let's see the characters.

I have Jill, a sports obsessesed, near anal retentive, slightly caustic but utterly adorable, Korean adoptee.

Daniel, the stereotypical sensitive, yet very mentally fucked up drug obsessed muse searcher. Another Korean adoptee.

Jenna, the 18 year old pregnant with twins social butterfly who was, before this dose of reality, a normal American Eagle clothes folder getting ready for prom while dealing with the anxiety of getting accepted into college.

Mom, the cement of the family. The very close to retirement mother who was originally a sociology major that taught dyslexic kids in Tennesee and later went on to work for Amtrak for almost 30 years. Has extreme thresholds of understanding and patience. Was the oldest of 12 children. She is beautiful in mind and spirit. The most noble mother in the world.

Dad, ridden with parkinson's disease who is a prisoner of his own body. When he was younger he would get up at 5am and start working on the yard in the weekends. He was a green beret. He was an FBI agent. He knows more about the government then 60 minutes.

I have the characters and a plot. Now to get it on paper.

tune in another day.

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