Monkeyboy goes to the big city

Hello Miss Secretary,

It is Monday, actually it's Tuesday, but I would still like to consider it Monday because I am still in a Monday frame of mind.

I have returned from Seoul and it was a successful trip. I did all the things that I wanted to do and I saw the sights that I deemed sightable and well I ate some very delectable cuisines. I danced in the rain until my friend told me it was acid rain and I got utterly lost on the subways. I had the complete Korean family treatment- with three complete Korean breakfasts (which I must admit is the best among all the cultures in the world.)

Yes, Seoul was amazing. I love "Red Mango" yogurt. Have you tried it? It is the best yogurt that I have`ever had. I mean it is a little sweet, but with the tartly refreshing tang that only yogurt can provide and the consistenty- it's like arctic silk. It is so smoothly cold, but it melts like a single snowflake on a molten tongue. I couldn't believe how good it really was. I went three times in 4 days. I think I am addicted.

Oh, yes, I decided to share my writing with the world, because I write well when I'm writing to you. I guess you're kind of a muse. Can I call you Calliope?

It's the name of one of the 8 muses of Athens.

How was your trip with your friend? Did you enjoy parent's day. I called my mother this morning and we talked for about an hour. She wants me to come home because she misses me, but I told her that I was happy here and I would return when I learn how to make perfect kim chi.

I saw "Kingdom of Heaven" on Saturday. Did you see it yet? I don't want to ruin the movie for you, but I'll just say it was interesting for a comedy.

I hope to talk to you later. Tuesday is a busy day. I am having my first lesson with 4 psychatrist today. It should be interesting.


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