I went to Oedo this weekend.



Oedo is a private botanical island near the southern coast of South Korea. The entire island is filled with flowers and plants. Many of the flowers are exotic and they are intricately arranged to fill the viewer with a sense of awe and wonder. The island also has many interesting statues. Some of which are well, homoerotic, I think.

The ship ride to the island is very interesting because the sea is a bit rocky and quarters being tight, you can feel the rip and roar of the currents of the sea. It is a bit unsettling for a tummy if it indulged in Soju the night before. So I'm on the ship with Jisun, her husband, and her friend Yeonmi and I'm feeling a bit horrorshow - trying not to ralph the soju, bits of kim chi chigge and the kim bap I had for breakfast, when the captain of the boat decides to sell dried octopus on the ship that's like the Titanic hitting the berg! I'm not talking about little bits of octopus, no I'm talking about 2 foot husks of dried octopus are being sold. The scent of dried fishy octopussy smell wafts into the air. It's fucking lovely because the scent is like two fingers shoved into my mouth, attempting buliminia. I swallow hard and think of ANYTHING then the growing billiousness nausea growing in my gutty.

The neighbor next to me ripped off a husk of tenacle and offered it to me. I nodded no, and nodded a bit too profusely because I was really trying to shake off the vomit about to spew onto his hand.

I guess I'm really not Korean, because everyone else seemed perfectly content with the air profigating queasiness for any weiguken.

But then.

I heard it.

There was the sound of dry heaving and the captain, whose hands previously sold the octopus, unsheathed a barf bag out of his pocket and held it before the heaving middle aged woman. The speed in which the captain did this was amazing. He was like a samurai deftly decapitating an enemy, but he was actually trying not to maim, but to save because vomit is like a domino. One person wretches and then another and another and another. The air would be filled with the scent of what was previously safetly stored away and was being processed for either immediate use or squirreled away for use during a day of fast or lack.

It was a false alarm. And for that I was thankful.

We came to port and kissed the ground with my feet, I breathed in the beautiful scent of
the fresh air and I was glad.

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