Cops and Robbers Class

My topic for my class today was cops and robbers. I had a page out of Exploring English that has a picture of a hold up. Sorry, let me restart (I'm sorry, if I'm a bit off today, but I've been sick since I ate some Turkish dip of doom on Saturday night.)

I had three 6th grade classes and 1 3rd grade class. I started with a dialogue:

A: So did you hear what happened to teacher Daniel?
B: No. What happened?
A: He got busted yesterday!
B: Busted! You mean arrested? For what?
A: He was tried to rob a bank yesterday.
B: Really? How?
A: He put a banana in a bag and told people it was a gun.
B: Oh, that's not very smart. So I guess he won't be teaching for a while.
A: Yeah. For real.

Then I went into discussing the picture and reading the passages on the bank robbery. I asked them questions about the robbery on the back.

On the opposite side of the paper was a picture with a courtroom. Well the courtroom was a bit...askew. Let me see if I can find it.

I asked my students to tell me all the things that were a bit strange and they found it really funny.

After that I asked them about crimes. For example, what is the worst crime and stuff. I should have asked them serious crimes and petty crimes. Maybe did an exercise about punishments for random things like someone stealing a cookie to feed a hungry squirrel or something.

I can try that next class.

After that I did a game. A matching game. I put numbers 1-16 on the board and told them they have to match up the enemies like dogs/cats etc. However, they were more interesting like mosquitos and dragonflies. Ladybugs and whiteflies, Harry Potter and Voldemort.

The game was effective.

My third graders didn't respond as well. The level was obviously too high. I need to change the class to their level.

I'll think about it later, however, I really need to go to the doctors now.


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