Rehashing the Cops and Robber's Class

My Cops and Robbers class was kinda effective. I mean it was effective, but it could have been tweaked a little. Today, I brought in pictures of wanted posters and then asked them to make up a name, size, height, crime, etc. Their responses were all kinda boring though- Murder, bank robber, nothing really fun, but they did laugh.

The paper from Exploring English was somewhat interesting, but getting them to read it was like pulling teeth. I don't like the energy drain when I try to get them to read or to try and participate in things.

Oh, any my last class teacher 5th Na Ri didn't seem too happy with my teaching style. Just something to keep in mind. The students enjoyed it though. Oh, and in Na Ri I have a to say this nicely....he is a very sensitive and hyperactive child. He threw a fit today, slamming his desk and crying. The other students just said, "He's a little crazy." They just seemed to accept it.

So...the game worked like a charm with 16 matches. 20 and 24 were too much.

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