On Friday September 23rd. I went to the Apple store in the COEX at 3pm to get a slip with a number on it. They said that they would start selling them in order. My number was 135.

We were asked to line up by number and I was lucky enough to be near another gyopo and his wife. I forget the guy's name, but his wife's name is Jamie (I only remember that because my ex-girlfriend's name was the same.) So we talked the whole time about my ourselves and complained about how long the process was taking.

Oh, and there was something that happened that defied logic.

So...we were all standing in line according to the numbers on our tickets when an employee came around with a bag and asked us to put the slips into the bag. This made no sense what-so-ever because people who weren't waiting in line could have easy jumped the line or said that their number was a lower number like 50 or something.

It just didn't make any sense to take the slips while we were waiting. But I guess it makes sense in "The Land of the Not Quite Right." There was a bit of a revolt about this decision and many Koreans started to complain about how illogical this was. The man had already taken about 130 something slips at this point. Discouraged, the man ceased taking the slips and then attempted to hand the slips BACK to the people he had originally taken them from.

So this poor guy is rifling through this bag trying to find the numbers in reverse. (I think he eventually gave up and I hope he will question his senior's request in the future.)

Anyway I got in the line at 5:15 and the line inched ( more likely) towards the store. The line went down the COEX towards the Burger King and then wrapped back towards the Apple Store. There must have been at least 400 people in line, but possibly more, because I had learned that there were only about 400 nanos in stock. But as you know in Korea, if there is a line other Koreans tend to jump right in without knowing what they are getting in line for.

About 2 hours into the ordeal a girl started serving cups of coke, or powerade, or pineapple juice, or another beverage which looked liked cups of radioactive waste under the strange green lights in the shape of trees in which I stood.

At 8:15 I finally made it to the front and I was able to buy my 4GB Black Nano. It came in a time little bag and I was so happy. IT REALLY IS SOOOO SMALL. Good luck getting one.

The Apple Store in Coex was the first to get it and I bet their stock is gone. You might be able to order it online.


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