Change in Teaching Objectives

I am changing my teaching objectives. I'm not going to be a piecemeal English teacher. What I mean is, I'm not going to go into a classroom and expect to teach 40 kids to speak English in 40 minutes. There are simply too many of them and it causes a very stressful atmosphere. Especially since they are all at such different levels. I always have a group of kids that gloat about their English and constantly interrupt my class. It's hard to keep focus and to the lesson. Trying to stick to rigid structures causes confusion in the class and ultimately I lose their attention.

I've decided that I'm abandoning the book entirely. The book is boring and too easy. The CD's are in Korean and so are the books. I tried the books and I found them ineffective, so I'm going to put them aside and wait until someone says something. If they do ask I will them, "the books are ineffective as teaching material for a foreign teacher. They are designed for Korean teachers. The manuals are not in English, the lesson plans are designed for those with elementary knowledge of English and therefore simply bores them all. The computers don't aways work in the classes and their unpredictability causes classes to be stagent."

Plus, I'm taking my time to develop my own lessons from stratch. They should respect that. I'm trying to tailor my classes to the student's ability and receptiveness.

Also, I'm focusing more on cultural awareness. I would like to show them a different side of thinking and show them how other people in the world live. If I possibly engage them into seeking a look into an English speaking culture, then they will motivate themselves to learn by themselves. Teachers are only so effective afterall, ultimately it is the individual that must learn.

I'm going to focus on what I am good at and try to make them enjoyable for the bell curve of the student body. I can't get them all, but I think I can reach a good mass of them.

I have 14 weeks of lessons to plan. I should group them into 3/4th grade and 5th/6th grade. Basically I would have to make one lesson and modify it for the groups. Today we did Mad Libs in class and everyone got a big kick out of it, when we read it together. I think this week of lessons was the best so far.

I started with phonics L/R Lyle licks lollipops like a lizard and
Around the rugged rocks the rugged rascal ran.

Then I did a word scramble RESTAURANT

Then I switched between the dialogue and the Mad Lib. I think the Mad Lib was the better option and then we did the picture game.

It used up all the minutes of the class and it was interesting for them. I could feel the energy in the room.


I would like to design classes with these topics in similar fashion to this week's theme, which was Restaurant.

Instead of phonics every week I think I could do idioms and funny words and phrases.

*Cops and Robbers
The law- Signs - crimes, what happens...I would like to do the game where we make a criminal and then try to convict him of the crime.

*Holidays X2
The first would be during the week of October 24-28. This would have to deal with Halloween, maybe a scary story, the history of Jack of Lantern (the turnip) and then about the Day of the Dead. Pin the tail on the donkey for candy game? I think it would have to be a ghost or something.

The second would be the week of December 19-23. This would have to do with Christmas around the world. Kwanza, Ramadan and boxing day. I would do some kind of Christmas themed game. Ponderosa?

I thought that the last week, the week of December 26-29 we could do games because it's the final week before vacation.

*Friends/Enemies Who is your best friend? Who is your nemesis?

*Cultural differences between Koreans and other nations. I want to come with different ways of thinking, living, beliefs, etc.

I think I can spend two weeks on that lesson.

*Telephone and communications. E-mail, SMS, letters, etc.

*The family.

*Work/Jobs. What do you want to be?



*Roommates/living with others.

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