A reply to Will's comment

If iRiver made a good offer, I think Apple would
concede. If not, iRiver could at least make the
player compatible with audible.com. If they did that,
I would buy one.

I'm going to go ahead and buy an iPod nano from
America and ship it over.

They still haven't set a release date for the nano.
They say on the website that it will be shipped in the
middle of September. The Apple Store says at the end
of this month or next month. If I wanted to, I could
possible order a bunch of them and sell them at a much
higher price on the black market - which Korea has
many of, but I'm just a simple teacher that likes

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--- Will <will.mon@gmail.com> wrote:

iRiver will never be iTunes compatible because Apple
will not let it happen.

BTW, interesting commentary about the Korean market.

Posted by Will to Philosophy of Go! at 9/14/2005
06:52:15 PM

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