Thursday is Blur's Day

5th grade and 4th grade classes.

5th grade first...I am teaching about rooms. This is a bedroom. I am going to draw a picture of a big house and ask them what furniture belongs in each room. Then I will ask them about houses in the past.

Actually, lets try that. Old style house, new style house, and future house. The problem I am frequently having is that all the computers just don't work. I could spend my entire time planning something only to find out that the lessons won't work because the computers are unreliable. It's a bit frustrating. I could bring in my computer to every class and plug it in, but I don't know how safe that is. Not that anyone wants an Apple computer.

The Alphabet game doesn't work in a big group. There are too many students and they can't hear each other. I need to think of other games. The Dice of Fortune game works well because they work together and because there is the element of chance.

The Witch's Brew Story worked well last class. I think next week for the 4th grade I am going to talk about extended families cousins, uncles, nieces, grandfathers and stuff. I think it would work well. A game...I don't know yet. It's too early to do repeats. I have to do something interesting in each class. I should change the 5th grade game to the Dice of Fortune game. It will work well I believe.

The 5th grade activity with the ABC's doesn't work. I'm giving it up. I need to think of something new for tomorrow.


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