Thinking in my Hikari

An Hikari is a Japanese style bathrobe, that they wear all the time...kinda like loungewear.

Today my project is to develope new lesson plans for my classes.

These are some hints from another teacher...Andrea...

Teaching Young Learners

1. Activities

- Listen and do

- Mime

- Raise your hand/ clap to practice

a) comparative

b) Likes and dislikes

c) general knowledge

Simon says

- for classroom language/instructions: (i.e. getting book and pen ready, get them to be quiet etc)

- for general instructions/imperatives

- to revise body vocabulary

- to revise prepositions

- to revise action verbs

2. Word games

- hangman or hang the teacher (categories: food, famous people, cities, clothing, animals)

- pictionary

- chain stories- oral or written

- first and last alphabet chains

- back to the board - 2 teams

- tongue twisters

- drama/ soap operas (bring props so they can role plan and make their own drama/ soap operas)

- bingo

3. Songs chants and opens

- action songs like Head and shoulders, knees and toes...

- counting songs like One man and his dog

- songs for special occasions

4. craft activities

- tasks which involve coloring, cutting, and sticking

- which encourage them to use their imagination

- projects

- making books

- bringing in photos

and some websites.

helpful websites: or GOOD LUCK!

Next week I need to plan for
3 6th grade classes
a 3rd grade class
all 5 5th grade classes
3 4th grade classes

My 5th grade is supposed to still do things on houses and bedrooms. I should do a quick review and game and then move into a dialogue or something. I need to fill up the time. I am supposed to go to the doctors on 9/22nd. I am supposed to reschedule my classes maybe my 2 4th grade classes on thursday 4백화 and 4장미 I have to talk to the teachers on Wednesday....Or I should do it right now. I tried to, but they are closed. I need to do it on Wednesday. 4th grade is working on who are you and family structures. I can talk about uncles, aunts, grandfathers and stuff and then other jobs.

My 6th Grade class is supposed to be working on I'm stronger than you. Big Bigger Biggest concepts. I think I can do something with that.
3rd Grade is still doing

6th grade is supposed to be on I'm stronger than you

Part of the problem I'm having in class is that the books I am using are not effective. For the majority of the class the book is too easy. The second part is the resources that I rely on, my tools - i.e. computers, televisions - are unreliable. Therefore, my mise en plac (a chef term for preparations like cut vegetables, cooked stock, etc.) are generally FUBAR (Fucked up beyond all Recognition) hence, I'm not relying on that stuff anymore. I am finished with it.

Therefore, I'm going to first assess the situation and do what I feel is correct. I spend half my time in class not knowing if something is going to work or not, so I'm going to not use those resources. The Korean English study books are out! (I've lost quite a few of them, so I have to do that.) Lost isn't the correct word...I've misplaced them. It's a shame I have to do that, but the books are in Korean and I waste my time trying to figure out how to use them and they SUCK BIG MONKEY TURDS!

alrighty...back to work.


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