I love Shakira

I love Shakira...I'm watching her video on repeat at school. It's my guilty pleasure like eating fried eggs off of asphalt. The tar is better than pepper and the broken glass has less sodium.

Anyway....Stocks...I am way up because of Apple right now, but the constant hardware problems are getting me down. I'm hoping they will keep their upward trend until 2006, but they need to get their QA up. Jobs has a job to do.

Google is back up to 311.00. I'm a little bitter that I sold. I should have bought again at 280, but I thought it was going to drop to 250. It would have only saved me a little money.

I want to buy stock in Shakira's derriere.

RUTH is still hovering around 18 and ADBE is not moving at all. My bluechips are basically staying the same.

I should buy petro stocks, but I feel bad doing it - I shouldn't capitalize on other's misery.

I am looking at Nintendo, but I said that I'm not going to buy any new tech stocks for a while. Sony is dropping like crazy, but who knows when their stock will go back up.

TIME is thinking of selling off AOL to MSFT. If that happens, it is possible that GOOG will be hurt, but honestly, I think AOL is a waste of cash. I should buy TIME because they are starting to concentrate on what they are good at again. Let MSFT crash with AOL on it. I don't feel the buzz with MSFT's vista nor with the X-box 360. They're giving them away, but I think most people are waiting for the PS3. Plus the PSP has taken a bit of thunder away from X-box.

Anyway. Heinz, I think will do well in the future. It will become more global as it sold off a bunch of businesses and recentered. I'm going to buy Honda or Toyota. I want the company that is venturing faster into the hybrid car or possible the electric car. Oil is killing everyone right now and when oil hits $4.00 a gallon, the hybrids will start to sell and then the prices will go down on the cars.

I'm thinking the recession will be over when Bush leaves office. It's all about perspective. I believe people are highly affected by the atmosphere and it has been a lean couple of years. They need hope and they will start to invest in something interesting. I forsee a bubble happening. I think it's going to happen in Biotech. Well, if it's not the next bubble it will be soon. It might be clean fuels or something.

Ok. That 's enough about my financial ramblings.


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