3rd and 4th Grade class.

The problem with planning with these classes is that they could end up as a riot of overly energetic kids. I'm not a big fan of chaos and well, they simply have too much energy. They should take the sugar out of their diet.

Tuesdays are interesting because they are 2 classes behind everyone else. While I've got to make a new lesson for Wednesday, Tuesday is still on "Restaurants" this works out well because Tuesday is my busiest day with 5 classes. Gosh, I'm complaining that I have 5 classes in a day.
I mean in Gyeong Ju sometimes I had like 8 classes. I average 4 classes a day here. I'm fricken spoiled and I'm making more cash.

I'm debating on upgrading my internet to KTF "Megapass Lite" which should get 4mbps. Apparently the wireless service is just as fast as the landline. The 4mbps service costs 37000 + 10,000 won for a modem rental. It's honestly not that bad considering that I'm paying 15,000 for a nespot connection that is similar to having a dial up modem. It's really shitty service...

Anyway. I should plan my class on Wednesday and I need to tweak my sports class. It really sucks right now.

Wednesday I have the terror 6th grade class the triple threat of 6th Baek Hap, Guk Hwa, and Na Ri. What to do...what to do...


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