ESL GAME Natural Enemies

This is a game for my 3 and 4th grade. Just write the numbers on the board and tell them to pick two numbers if it matches they get a point. If not the next team goes. This is the key

1. Harry Potter 13. Voldemort
2. Elephant 24. Mouse
3. Mosquitos 21. Dragonflies
4. Fox 20. Hound
5. Students 18. Tests
6. Snowman 19. Sun
7. Cops 22. Robbers
8. USA 23. Terrorists
9. Cats 17. Dogs
10. Shrek 16. Lord Farquaad
11. Computers 15. Viruses
12. Golem 14. Sam

I want to do a complement expercise also like Peanut butter and jelly, Willy Wonka and Chocolate, Milk and Cookies, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (of course my examples will be more elementary for my 3rd and 4th grade) It's a fun game and they ask for it over and over again.


I need to change this...24 is too much for a 3rd grade kid's class. I want to make it 16.

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