google...the next evil empire???

gmail is totally kickass, but google is not the underdog. They are a supersmart corporation that is trying not to act like it. It's as if they are super rich vegans, living in a cabin on a 100 acres of land. On the outside, the appearance is austere, but inside that cabin is super hooked up with all the latest James Bond doo hickeys and they spend 100 dollars on a karat of carrot.

They are a braintrust and they are building up capital for an empire, but it is not only to do stuff with the google website. I think they envision a google empire in the horizon and the CEOs are smart, smart, smart. But I don't think they are sticking to their principals. Or if they are sticking to their principals, with the influx of cash they are getting now, they are going to jumpstart their plans several years early.
The CEOs realize right now that there is an allure surrounding Google and they are playing with their stock like a steak on a stick around a hungry dog. I mean they issued stock about 2 weeks ago at $295! They have never split the stock. And like in a three day span, I've seen it go to $330 and drop to 290 and then back to 300. It's a mess. Google is going to have a hell of alot of money to build....What??? I don't know.

I'll put my money on google, but not until the stock drops to a good level.


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