Next Topic? What is your personality? He's a Slob

I have a sheet that has a picture of a sloppy roommate. I could go into personalities- talking about neat, dirty, organized, etc. It's an idea. I could do a matching game...or I could use that lesson that I'm teaching in two weeks for Seocho city.

Recap of today...5th grade Jang Mi were all acting like bastards so I left class 10 minutes early. 4th grade Mae Hwa is something I have to pay attention to. The teacher is super smart and I can tell that she doesn't really like my teaching style. I should make it seem really educational, for her.

I know that my class on Monday, will be interesting for the 6th graders. Now I remember that if I simply do a couple pages from who's on first it is interesting and they like it. I'm getting tired though of doing all this work and not having them appreciate it. I feel like I should just go by the book. None of them will be interested in it, but I don't care today. It's a horrible way to feel about it. I guess I'm just bitter today.

I'll try to get over it.


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