Superstitions Class 5th and 6th Grade

I start with a discussion about superstitions. I ask them what it means and what are some Superstitions that they know about. Then I go into the dialogue about superstitions.

Girls: Did you wear green today?
Boys: Why would I want to wear green?
Girls: Because it is good luck.
Boys: Is that some strange superstition?
Girls: No
.Its the truth. If you wear Green on Wednesday, youll have good luck. Everyone knows that.
Boys: Did you know that if a bird poops on your shoulder, that you
ll be rich and famous.
Girls: Really?
Boys: Yeah. It is also lucky to have a tattoo if you
re a sailor.
Girls: Do you have a tattoo?
Boys: Yeah. I have a ninja on my back.
Girls: Did you know it is unlucky to meet a barking dog first thing in the morning? It
s a Death Omen.
Boys: What
s a Death Omen?
Girls: It means that you
re going to die soon.
Boys: Wooooo
so scary. Did you know its good luck to touch a corpseyou knowa dead person.
Girls: That
s gross! Well did you know that if you dont wash your hair before a test, youll get a higher score!
Boys: You just made that up.
Girls: Nope. It
s the truth. I havent washed my hair all week.
Boys: Well I hope a ladybug lands on you and then you accidentally kill it.
Girls: Why?
Boys: Because then you
ll have bad luck for a million years.
Girls: Well I hope you sneeze before you go to bed tonight, because then you won
t wake up tomorrow!

I will then write a sample word scramble on the board and ask them to unscramble it.

I'll give them the sheets and ask each group to unscramble them.

Afterwards I'll play Jeopardy.

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