Superstitions Class Plan 3rd and 4th Grade

3rd and 4th Grade:

Start with Alphabet chart with letters ask them to find out if their name is lucky or not. There is a great superstition site on the net, I don't have it here. If you need it please e-mail me.

Then tell them about some other strange superstitions like, "It is lucky for sailors to have tattoos."
"It is unlucky to open an umbrella in the house.

I then went into trivial about the days of the week and what colors it is good to wear on those days.

Monday: White
Tuesday: Red
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Purple
Friday: Blue
Saturday: Dark Blue
Sunday: Orange

Then I did a lucky talisman and asked them to add up the numbers on this chart

4 15 15 1
9 7 6 12
5 11 10 8
16 2 3 13 Everything adds to 34. If you write it on a small piece of paper, kiss it, blow on it then put it in your pocket- you'll have good luck.

---tangent---I could imagine a scene where when someone opened their umbrella inside some mother flew out from underneath of it. Oh, it could be a story all about superstitions and monsters that embody them---

Then move into a superstition word unscramble. I have the sheets prepared. I've found it's more fun to have them do it on the board as a game.

To end the class, I do Jeopardy. I might need a new game, or change it to superstition jeopardy because the 3rd grade don't seem to enjoy it as much as 4-6.

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