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First of all, Picasa is amazing. I don't believe how many cool features it has. I think it is more user friendly than iphoto. I really need to get a copy of virtual PC, because Apple doesn't make the best software and neither does Microsoft. I think it is Google.

Have you checked out Google Earth? It is utterly mindbending to think that this software exists. I mean I'm in South Korea and I can zero in on my home and see the present changes. I know it's not present present, but I haven't been home in a year and a half, so it is pretty new to me.

Oh, and Picasa2? It is SOOOO user friendly. It instantly catalogs everything and it makes it easy to find. I can blog it right away AND it is easy to find. The Google Desktop search is as good as Apple too.

Don't get me wrong. I love my Mac OS, but there are little things that utterly drive me nuts. Like the other day, I was trying to get my Logitech 250 USB headset to work. I had it plugged in and I could record myself, but I couldn't hear sound coming through the earphones. I routed and rerouted and tried for a couple of days until I magically hit the mute and unmute button in systems preferences tab. Finally it worked. But then, I didn't make connection until I did a search and someone else said this was a glitch in the system and you need to hit the mute button and unmute it to get the mic to work.

Anyway, it's back to work (I need a lesson by tommorrow.) I think I'm going to do a Harry Potter Lesson.

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