The Love Stick

Yeah, but I like the little hook on the end.  (Plus it makes the teacher look like the grim reaper ^. .^)
On 11/22/05, Dawn wrote:
My first graders at one of my country schools like to test my patience and my will.  Every single time I see them, they speak Korean to me and expect me to reply.  They just do not comprehend that I don't speak Korean.  So they're always asking me if I speak Korean or muttering things like, your hair looks stupid today.  Little brats. 
Might I suggest an aluminium baseball bat?  :)

On 11/22/05, Daniel Gray < > wrote:
A hagwon, whose owner is a friend of mine, invited me.  I am pretty sure it's going to be really nice since he has impeccable tastes.  I almost killed my third graders last class.  I think they broke into a stash of pepero and got themselves all hopped up on sugar before I got in there.   I had to regulate a bit.  Why is that Korean students will only behave when you start yelling at them?  I got all of them to raise their hands up in the air until they all settled down and talked to them about the value of keeping quiet while I am talking.

It's cool though, because they don't seem to hold a grudge.

I'm thinking if I should invest in a nice lovestick.  A hockey stick might be effective ;)  (just kidding.  I would never hit them, they're too cute :)

Well, it's back to class.


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