Fwd: [TEPFall2005] My first podcast

Zorro was fun. I mean it wasn't amazing, but it was a very enjoyable. It had the train robbery scene, Zorro doing acrobatic stuff, their cute son being prezorro, Catherina Zeta-Jones looking.....grrrll...yeowl! and an evil villain trying to be Tyler Durden and blow up all of California.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Corpse Bride and Wallace and Gromit on the big screen (which I believe will be out this weekend...anybody up for it?


On 11/3/05, Jonathan Betts Fields
So where does the prefix Pod- come from?
I'm sure there are folk transmitting music without permission. You, me, and many Limewire.com users all know this.
Never say never...and you've got music on your computer - that makes you music enough...but I could care less about going back and forth.
What I really want to know is how was the Legend of Zorro?
On 11/3/05, Daniel Gray <dnlgray@gmail.com> wrote:
A podcast isn't music and plus I'm not very musical. I was just seeing if my hardware works, you can't put music on unless you get someone's permission. Unless, someone has composed their own music and would like to broadcast it. I would be up for that...hint...hint.

It is like a audio blog sort of, but talking to oneself doesn't lend itself to stimulating conversations, so it is rambling. Right now, I'm figuring out my hardware and software situation. I mean I had to figure out how to set up garageband and I'm going to see if I can get Skype hooked up so I can call people and podcast them. There are other things like setting up an RSS feed.

If anyone wants to podcast to the world and would like to join me, give me a reply. If there is something on your mind about Korea, this could be a great forum to get it out.


On 11/3/05, Jonathan Betts Fields <mrjbfields@gmail.com > wrote:
What are you talking about?!
You 'cast is on 4 minutes (and counting) and it's nothing but ramblings.
Where's the music?!?!?!?!?
PS: I like the layering of voices to reveal a subconscious (of sorts)...but maybe you could break this 14 minute *bleep* into several "Welcome to Korea" Intros - in between music of course.
PS2: Let me know when you're ready for me to show you how it's done! (LOL)
PS3: ...Or is there even going to be music? Are you planning on creating an audio journal?!

On 11/2/05, Daniel Gray < dnlgray@gmail.com > wrote:
This is my first attempt at a Podcast. I was bored last night so I decided to do some recording. It is in mp3 format and you can download the file from my ishare folder and listen to it.



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