I got my podcast up.

I think I want to change the format of my podcast. I think I could use it to tell my life in a very interesting way. This will be my podnovel. I can work in all sorts of interesting things that go on in my life and reasons why I will do it.

I wish to negate my first podcast, but I don't think I'll get it perfect before it is through. I am going to use my blog as my brainstorming board and I'm going to use Garageband as my tapestry scroll.

Ill repute...Dichotomy...

Lexander and Ares:

In one world, a warrior gets all the power he needs to defeat the hegemony. It was this singular goal that kept him pure. After he defeats the powers, he is given rule over the world. Power corrupts him and those that impowered him return to either reason with him or destroy him.

"I had no choice. I couldn't be weak, I couldn't seem weak in their eyes. Those with a little taste of power want more and more. It is impossible to rule with fairness and justice. What is fair is weak! What is just is powerless! How dare you come here and try to take something that is rightfully mine."

Lexander: We empowered you. We believed in the pureness of your heart. How could you become what you always hated. We left these people in your charge.

"The people are corrupt! They need a strong arm to coax them. Fear is the only thing they respect. They fear me and it is... Enough. I'm tired of talking. I did that for years, it only cost me misery and a hoarse throat. In the latter years I have spent my time building my strength. Your dimwitted brother will be cut down."

They attack.

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