I'm attempting to podcast

I'm going to bring Henry and I to the world stage, so I'm trying to
figure out how to get this thing to work.

I can record Skype now, but I have to get rid of the latency.

This is off of www.360east.com

Yeah this is a problem of so-called latency. To reduce the echo
problem (you will not get rid of it completely) go to GarageBand
preference and under Audio/Midi, select ‘Minimum delay when playing
instruments live (small buffer size)’.

I used Audio Hijack Pro to record a Skype call and there is a degree
of latency too (depending on how many filters are used to process the

In my case, I am using an external audio interface (M-Audio
MobilePre). This has a headphone jack that reproduces the input into
my professional mic without latency). The problem of course is that
when recording skype, I also need to her the other person. If I set
the computer’s audio output to the external interface and have the
recording monitoring on, then I will hear myself twice too (the first
time is the zero latency monitoring and the second is what GB is

I am sure that there are ways to get around the latency problem, but
for now I am sticking to the ’small buffer’ to at least reduce it.

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